Local politics and the coming issues facing education in Fullerton. Editors note: this video uses a 360-degree point of view. To move around the scene, click and drag right and left and up and down. Does it work well for you? Do you like this approach? Share your thoughts with us at
Side Show Stereo performs at the Tuesday night Open Mic at The Night Owl in downtown Fullerton. His music is available on Spotify and Apple Music.
Legendary jazz and blues singer Barbara Morrison died Wednesday at the age of 72. Her dynamic performances often dominated the stage at Steamers Jazz Club in Fullerton, like this one in April 2014.
Mike Johnson opens the Tuesday night Open Mic at The Night Owl in downtown Fullerton.
Photographer David Styffe
Heroes Bar & Grille / Where Good Friends Meet
  • Breaking Chains

    This wasn’t quite the end I was expecting. Thankfully, the derailleur snapped at a point in Telegraph Canyon where I could pretty much coast all the way back to the car.  It’s not a common bike part to break, but it’s the second time it happened to me.  The first was in 1980, while riding […]

  • Own It

    U.S. Representative Maxine Waters changed the way I thought about rap music and hip-hop. I never cared for it and thought it was without melody or musicality and had none of the storytelling I worshiped in the likes of Springsteen and Dylan. She didn’t care much for it either as I recall, but she defended […]

  • Relics at The Night Owl (360 video)

    — UPDATE — The Night Owl is closed for remodeling July 13 – 20. There will bed a grand re-opeing July 21. Summer nights are made for music on the patio, and the Night Owl in downtown Fullerton still has a few things going. With social distancing observed, you might still catch Mike Johnson or […]

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